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Cerro Chaman

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Cerro Chamán – Santa Cruz Winery – Colchagua Astronomical Tour

Colchagua Astronomical Tour in The Observatory Cerro Shaman is installed in Viña Santa Cruz, 256 mts. above sea level, a place that has excellent weather, low humidity and absence of artificial light, allowing visitors to offer, see objects with great precision and sharpness of images.
To climb the hill, we have a cable car for 8 people which takes you to the top of the hill, where in addition to the observatory, you can visit an “Indian Village” where replicas of houses major native cultures of our country.

Is located in Lolol Valley, 25 km from Santa Cruz Village. Regular Tour included; cellar visit, cable car, indigenous village and tasting. Astronomical Tour in Cerro Chaman, Automobile Museum and a new Planetarium Tour. Open every day.

The cable car that takes you to Cerro Shaman where amazed with the view of the valley and vineyards. Here you can tour replicas of houses of the indigenous people of Chile: Mapuche, Aymara and Rapa Nui. Discover how they lived in harmony with nature, what their rituals and beliefs, and especially the Machi and Shaman, inspiring the soul of our wines.

Astronomical Tour

$16.000 / US$30

per person

    • Astronomy Talk
    • View the stars through a telescope
    • Cable Car
    • Tour 21:30 hrs, summer
    • Duration 1 hour and 30 min

Planetarium Tour

$16.000 / US$ 40

per person

    • Astronomy Talk
    • Cable Car
    • Tour 17:00 hrs (winter)
    • Duration 02 hours

Additional Services: Cafeteria Terroir – Shop Wine and Souvenir

Cafe Terroir
Enjoy the best view Lolol Valley from our coffee and restaurant. You can taste the entire line of our wines with typical local dishes

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  • Address: Astronomical Tour - Santa Cruz Winery
  • GPS: -34.7218520733226,-71.63318315761717

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